The Final..Book Review Mon”yayyy”

My last book review, yayyy! I am kinda happy and kinda sad because this gave me an actual reason to read.

I am reading the third book of the series called, “The Immortals” by Alyson Noel.  The third book is called,  “Shadowland”(363 pages).

The cover of “Shadowland”

“Sometimes destiny lies just outside of our reach. ”
― Alyson Noel, Shadowland

This book is probably my favorite book out of the series so far. It gives a lot more information on how Ever got her powers and helps her find herself and I love that.

I love how you find more information about Damen even though he’s not in this book as much as I would like, I understand why and I’m okay with him not being there so much so Ever can figure herself out.

Damen loves Ever and there is no denying that and that’s probably why I like this book so much. You can still see that Damen loves her more and more each book.

I really enjoyed the book because the previous book of the series left a cliffhanger wanting me to read more.

Everything in this book had me on edge the whole time from the action, Ever and Damen love life, and now Ever’s feelings for someone else!

A new character came into the picture and I love Damen, but I really liked this male character also, Jude.  BUTTTTTT DAMEN IS STILL MY FAVORITE! #TeamDamen

I couldn’t believe all the hard times Ever and Damen were having. Ever and Damen couldn’t be together most of the book and you’ll see why and when I found out it slightly broke my heart. And what happens in the ending of this book made me love the series even more, if that was even possible.

Jude is a character that isn’t exactly like Damen, but he’s a good guy and Ever seems to be falling for him as well.

It is a great book and I wouldn’t change anything about it.



Why Monday, why?!

Hey you guys it’s Monday!

Yeah I know no one cares cause everyone hates monday’s.

So let me just tell you what’s all going on in my life right now:

So I’m reading this book which is apart of a series called The Immortals.  I’m on the second book of the book of the series and it’s called, “Blue Moon” it’s by Alyson Noel (306pages). I’m really liking the book so far, I haven’t read a lot of it though.

“I’m with him, and he’s with me, and that’s the way it’s meant to eternally be.”
― Ever Bloom

Second Book of The Immortal Series

This past week and weekend I have had to get my oil changed in my car, been with family, and watching the Florida Gators Men’s Basketball Team play their hearts out!

I feel like I am always getting my oil changed, but the reason for that is because I am a  babysitter and I literally take them everywhere. No complaining because I love my job though.

I’ve went to my home town this past Thursday and stayed there for the rest of my week and weekend. We had a family cookout and also just hug out mostly all weekend. I really love spending time with my family.  My family is what keeps me going, they are my world.

I don’t who all watches basketball, but I played basketball all through middle school and high school and fell in love with it.

So the high school I went to there was a boy who played basketball and now he plays for the Gator’s Men Basketball Team and I really think it’s the coolest thing ever. I’ve been watching their games all weekend and they almost made it to the Final 4 and it was amazing watching a guy that I knew and went to school with was on tv playing basketball!

I am highly proud of him and can’t believe that someone from my small town is going big things. Every time I saw him on tv I would literally freak out yelling his name.

So that was how my past couple days have been and it was quite relaxing and chill and I really enjoyed it.



March Monday Madness Book Revieve

I have decided to change from the book series I was reading to a completely different book that really caught my eye.  The book is called “Evermore,” by Alyson Noel (Pages 306).

The book cover

I really enjoyed the book and it kept me not wanting to put it down. It’s about this girl named Ever Bloom that got a terrible accident that changed her life and now she can hear people’s thoughts, see people’s auras, and know people’s completely life story. That seems like a lot to bare.

I liked how throughout the book for feel just as confused as she is as of what all is going on in her life.  She wants to avoid having human contact will anyone so she doesn’t see her powers. But of course like every other teen book a mysterious, charming, wealthy, nice boy comes into her life. The boys name is Damen Auguste and he is my favorite character throughout the book , but also he is so mysterious it irks my nerves.

The great thing about Damen is that when he’s around Ever’s powers demolish.  So of course she wants to be around him because she hates her powers.

“I have a boyfriend!

One that makes me feel normal again.” -Ever Bloom

I really like the book and it’s secrets and I really like how it’s a somewhat a dark book, but it also gives you hope for Ever throughout the book.

The only thing I would say I didn’t like would be how mysterious Damen is because I feel like Ever has been through enough in her lifetime so far that she at least deserves to know and feel confident about fully trusting the person who is giving her the satisfaction of feeling at peace without her powers being present.

At the same time you can see how fast Damen is falling for her and how much he loves her throughout the whole book and I think it is the sweetest thing. I am TeamDamen all the way.

I cant wait to read the next book.



Maximum Ride, WOW!

So I read this book called “Maximum Ride” by James Patterson (401 Pages) and it was very interesting and exciting through the whole book.  I wasn’t really sure if this book was going to be like Twilight and I was kinda scared it was.  It did remind me a little of Twilight but  I liked it more because it wasn’t as dramatic as Twilight.  Maximum Ride was dramatic but I think its kind of scenery justifies for the events that has happened in the book.

The main character in Maximum Ride is called Max. Max is a fourteen year old girl who is a very negative and reminds me of Eeyore because of how gloomy she is.  She is very loving though and cares from her friends.  She has feelings for best friend, Fang, who is also my favorite character in the book.  He is mysterious and very secretive, but brings out Max is a very different way that scares her a little bit.

“I choose you,” he said very softly, “Max.”
Then his hard, rough hand tenderly cuppoed my chin, and suddenly his mouth was on mine, and every synapse in my brain shorted out” -Fang

I really liked the book and all the exciting events that partake in the book.

One of the book covers, just in case you want the book.

BUT there was a lot of violence in the book and it was a brutal violence.  Usually in books there is one main big fight, but in Maximum Ride there are so many fights you can’t really count them.

The characters in the book range from 6-15 and they basically have to fend for themselves and I actually really like their independence.  Max is kinda the “older sister” of the group and I like how the book describes everything her view because I love how much she cares for everyone in her life.

It was an amazing book, GO READ IT.



Monday’s SUCK!

Monday’s Monday’s…. Monday’s.

Every Monday I feel like I haven’t completed anything and that the week is literally going to punch me in the face.  I have been reading this book and that’s about all I feel like I am doing right.

I have chosen to read this book called “Maximum Rider: The Angel Experiment” by James Patterson (413 pages). I have read a little bit more than half of the book and it’s really interesting.

Maximum Rider cover

My favorite character so far is a Fang, he’s a good guy but very mysterious. He loves one of the main characters named Max, he is really sweet to her.

“Pick a tree. I’ll carve our initials into it.” -Fang

Monday’s are the days that I actually get mentally prepared for failure. No just kidding it just feels like that.

I have so many assignments to do this week and I am really regretting not doing more work over the weekend, but my week before was so busy and tiring and I needed some sleep to help me be able to actually be ready for this week…

So far today I have got my oil changed and my tires rotated… ADULTING AT IT’S FINEST, MY FRIENDS. Also I have washed clothes and completed two assignments and I still feel like I haven’t done anything. It’s because it’s Monday.  Monday’s make everything feel like you haven’t done anything.


When I think of everything that I have to do this week I really want to pull my hair out.

All the assignments. Practices that I have to chauffeur for the kids I babysit. The tutoring I have to take the kids I babysit. TUTORING FOR MYSELF. Test I have to take.  The papers I have to write. My best friend’s birthday this Friday. And to top it off babysitting ALLLLLLL this weekend.

Getting mentally prepared for this week is going to be the death of me.

I still have to drive all the way back to my apartment today from my home town… I am not ready for this week what so ever.

Wish me luck if you don’t mind.


Let me tell you about “When”

The book “When would you want to know?”(323pages) by Victoria Laurie was a very very interesting book. I couldn’t even put it down for the longest time.  The book is about this high school Junior girl named Maddie Fynn and she sees everyone’s death date.

When would you want to know? Personally I wouldn’t want to know

The death date appears on top of everyone’s  head, just floating there, in the order of month-day-year.

I really like the book because I think it would take a very strong person to be able to know all that information and still continue on with living everyday.

“Most people want to know ifthey can change the date, if they can get more time. I tell them I don’t know. And that’s what kills me”(page 7)

-Maddie Fynn

She goes through a lot of personally challenges and has a run in with the law. And that’s when everything escalates.

Spoilers are coming so close eyes!

Maddie’s father dies when Maddie was very young and that is how her and her family found out what exactly those dates were that she was seeing. After her father dying her mother became an alcoholic. Maddie’s life drastically changed and her family started having financially difficulties. So she decided on using her gift for money.

One day she told a mother and her young son that her son was going to die soon. Soon after telling the mother the date her son went missing the day Maddie said he was going to die. The mother got in contact with the police and they took Maddie into custody for questioning about a homicide investigation.

That’s all I’m going to give you, so you can open your eyes now!

So by the little spoiler detail I just gave you it seems interesting, right? I think so. I was very invested in what was going to happen to Maddie. She’s a very strong young lady and I I think she has been through so much and deserves to have a normal life.


Crazy week, Crazy Life

I have so much homework that I just might cry… might. I have started reading this book for my English class, it’s called “When would you want to know?” by Victoria Laurie. I am on page 61 so far and it’s actually very interesting.

I don’t think I would want to know…

This girl named Madelyn knows the exact time someone will die. And so far in the book people that are in law enforcement are trying to figure out just how she can know when a certain person in the story dies.

When I started seeing the numbers-these death dates-they ran together as one long stream, but now my mind puts in the dashes

I haven’t been able to fully sit down and read the whole book because I am so busy trying to study for an A&P test, that comes every other week, and trying to take care of two girls that I babysit.

Oh also another girl now as well because their parents decided to get an foreign exchange student. No big deal I really like the girl. Me and her have a lot in common and she’s fun to be around. But it seems now, more than ever, I don’t have time for anything or anyone.

The girls I babysit I pick them up right after school (two different schools by the way) and I take them to get food. They both do sports so I need to make sure they eat so they don’t die on the court. Their practices are usually at TWO different places and TWO different times. And I usually pick both of them up and bring the home and try to help one with homework.

The foreign exchange student has tutoring for school once a week and also does dance so she is not as busy but still time consuming.

It just so happened that this weekend the girls both have a tournament in Daytona and their parents could not attend for the first day of the gamesssssssss(plural games, as in multiple). So when their parents came and the foreign exchange student came to Orlando because it’s a lot cheaper for hotels and the girls parents want the foreign exchange student to experience the most she can. Fun.

As of now I am studying my butt off in the hotel room and trying to get in all my assignments turned in because I am a good student! Sometimes. Well I try at least. Dang.

Overall my week has been spent mostly in my car and I hope to read this book and get a good grade on the assignments that my teacher is going to assign us to do.


Classroom assignments