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Let me tell you about “When”

The book “When would you want to know?”(323pages) by Victoria Laurie was a very very interesting book. I couldn’t even put it down for the longest time.  The book is about this high school Junior girl named Maddie Fynn and she sees everyone’s death date.

When would you want to know? Personally I wouldn’t want to know

The death date appears on top of everyone’s  head, just floating there, in the order of month-day-year.

I really like the book because I think it would take a very strong person to be able to know all that information and still continue on with living everyday.

“Most people want to know ifthey can change the date, if they can get more time. I tell them I don’t know. And that’s what kills me”(page 7)

-Maddie Fynn

She goes through a lot of personally challenges and has a run in with the law. And that’s when everything escalates.

Spoilers are coming so close eyes!

Maddie’s father dies when Maddie was very young and that is how her and her family found out what exactly those dates were that she was seeing. After her father dying her mother became an alcoholic. Maddie’s life drastically changed and her family started having financially difficulties. So she decided on using her gift for money.

One day she told a mother and her young son that her son was going to die soon. Soon after telling the mother the date her son went missing the day Maddie said he was going to die. The mother got in contact with the police and they took Maddie into custody for questioning about a homicide investigation.

That’s all I’m going to give you, so you can open your eyes now!

So by the little spoiler detail I just gave you it seems interesting, right? I think so. I was very invested in what was going to happen to Maddie. She’s a very strong young lady and I I think she has been through so much and deserves to have a normal life.