Maximum Ride, WOW!

So I read this book called “Maximum Ride” by James Patterson (401 Pages) and it was very interesting and exciting through the whole book.  I wasn’t really sure if this book was going to be like Twilight and I was kinda scared it was.  It did remind me a little of Twilight but  I liked it more because it wasn’t as dramatic as Twilight.  Maximum Ride was dramatic but I think its kind of scenery justifies for the events that has happened in the book.

The main character in Maximum Ride is called Max. Max is a fourteen year old girl who is a very negative and reminds me of Eeyore because of how gloomy she is.  She is very loving though and cares from her friends.  She has feelings for best friend, Fang, who is also my favorite character in the book.  He is mysterious and very secretive, but brings out Max is a very different way that scares her a little bit.

“I choose you,” he said very softly, “Max.”
Then his hard, rough hand tenderly cuppoed my chin, and suddenly his mouth was on mine, and every synapse in my brain shorted out” -Fang

I really liked the book and all the exciting events that partake in the book.

One of the book covers, just in case you want the book.

BUT there was a lot of violence in the book and it was a brutal violence.  Usually in books there is one main big fight, but in Maximum Ride there are so many fights you can’t really count them.

The characters in the book range from 6-15 and they basically have to fend for themselves and I actually really like their independence.  Max is kinda the “older sister” of the group and I like how the book describes everything her view because I love how much she cares for everyone in her life.

It was an amazing book, GO READ IT.




2 thoughts on “Maximum Ride, WOW!”

  1. I love Maximum Ride! If you liked the first one, you should read the whole series! They’re so good I liked every one of them. They do have a lot of violence in them but that’s just the nature of the genre. James Patterson is such a gifted writer!


  2. I could see how you enjoyed this book, sometimes I believe we can all feel like Max. This world is very big and we can sometimes feel alone. I have the love in my heart similar to Max. Love your post keep up the good work!


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