Today I would like to tell you about this new, amazing, great, terrific, crazy, and wildly creative subject– ME. I’m going to share with you 10 fun facts about this subject that is very helpful to know. After reading these facts you are going to want to keep coming back for more!

1.I am a college student that’s going to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant PTA).

2.I’m forever wishing I lived in Miami.  Miami is where I plan to live after college and start my life after school. I’ve been on so many long and even one day trips to Miami that it isn’t even funny.

3.I L-O-V-E looooove the beach. If I could be anywhere in this world all the time it would be on a beach.  Preferably South Beach, Miami. I love the beach so much I have gotten a tattoo of waves going around my ankle.

4.I am a Florida State fan… I know most people hate them, but oh well. NOLE NATION!

How I look at people when they say they FSU is sorry.

5.The kind of music I listen to is fairly random.  I can go from J. Cole to Eric Church to Lin Manuel Miranda. J. Cole is by far my most favorite rapper. And I am highly in love with Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical, Hamilton. So yeah my music genres differ drastically.

6.I draw and paint. I love to draw and have just recently taken interest in painting.

7.I like to sit back and look at all of God’s beautiful creations. Sunsets and clouds are my most favorite thing to admire.

8.My family means the world to me and without them I don’t know how I could have made it this far. I enjoy going out with friends and spending time by myself, but I would much rather enjoy being with family. If I had plans I have planned weeks in advance and my family decides to have a random cookout I would cancel my plans in a heart beat for a cookout with my family.

9.I’ve just started getting into raves. I’ve been to EDC Orlando this past November and it was a great experience to go out and witness a different atmosphere. I plan on going to at least 1 a year.

10.I have always had a love for basketball. I have played in high school and it was probably the best days of my life. I had to best coach and my teammates were my best friends.



4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!!”

  1. Let me begin by saying, that I too love the Seminoles. I look very good in Garnet & Gold. I also don’t care that I live in Gator Nation. Go Noles. I hope if you ever move to Miami you Cheer on the Miami Dolphins That’s my favorite NFL team. It would be cool to move to Miami just to attend the home games! Enjoyed reading your post. Have a great day.

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