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March Monday Madness Book Revieve

I have decided to change from the book series I was reading to a completely different book that really caught my eye.  The book is called “Evermore,” by Alyson Noel (Pages 306).

The book cover

I really enjoyed the book and it kept me not wanting to put it down. It’s about this girl named Ever Bloom that got a terrible accident that changed her life and now she can hear people’s thoughts, see people’s auras, and know people’s completely life story. That seems like a lot to bare.

I liked how throughout the book for feel just as confused as she is as of what all is going on in her life.  She wants to avoid having human contact will anyone so she doesn’t see her powers. But of course like every other teen book a mysterious, charming, wealthy, nice boy comes into her life. The boys name is Damen Auguste and he is my favorite character throughout the book , but also he is so mysterious it irks my nerves.

The great thing about Damen is that when he’s around Ever’s powers demolish.  So of course she wants to be around him because she hates her powers.

“I have a boyfriend!

One that makes me feel normal again.” -Ever Bloom

I really like the book and it’s secrets and I really like how it’s a somewhat a dark book, but it also gives you hope for Ever throughout the book.

The only thing I would say I didn’t like would be how mysterious Damen is because I feel like Ever has been through enough in her lifetime so far that she at least deserves to know and feel confident about fully trusting the person who is giving her the satisfaction of feeling at peace without her powers being present.

At the same time you can see how fast Damen is falling for her and how much he loves her throughout the whole book and I think it is the sweetest thing. I am TeamDamen all the way.

I cant wait to read the next book.