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Crazy week, Crazy Life

I have so much homework that I just might cry… might. I have started reading this book for my English class, it’s called “When would you want to know?” by Victoria Laurie. I am on page 61 so far and it’s actually very interesting.

I don’t think I would want to know…

This girl named Madelyn knows the exact time someone will die. And so far in the book people that are in law enforcement are trying to figure out just how she can know when a certain person in the story dies.

When I started seeing the numbers-these death dates-they ran together as one long stream, but now my mind puts in the dashes

I haven’t been able to fully sit down and read the whole book because I am so busy trying to study for an A&P test, that comes every other week, and trying to take care of two girls that I babysit.

Oh also another girl now as well because their parents decided to get an foreign exchange student. No big deal I really like the girl. Me and her have a lot in common and she’s fun to be around. But it seems now, more than ever, I don’t have time for anything or anyone.

The girls I babysit I pick them up right after school (two different schools by the way) and I take them to get food. They both do sports so I need to make sure they eat so they don’t die on the court. Their practices are usually at TWO different places and TWO different times. And I usually pick both of them up and bring the home and try to help one with homework.

The foreign exchange student has tutoring for school once a week and also does dance so she is not as busy but still time consuming.

It just so happened that this weekend the girls both have a tournament in Daytona and their parents could not attend for the first day of the gamesssssssss(plural games, as in multiple). So when their parents came and the foreign exchange student came to Orlando because it’s a lot cheaper for hotels and the girls parents want the foreign exchange student to experience the most she can. Fun.

As of now I am studying my butt off in the hotel room and trying to get in all my assignments turned in because I am a good student! Sometimes. Well I try at least. Dang.

Overall my week has been spent mostly in my car and I hope to read this book and get a good grade on the assignments that my teacher is going to assign us to do.