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The Final..Book Review Mon”yayyy”

My last book review, yayyy! I am kinda happy and kinda sad because this gave me an actual reason to read.

I am reading the third book of the series called, “The Immortals” by Alyson Noel.  The third book is called,  “Shadowland”(363 pages).

The cover of “Shadowland”

“Sometimes destiny lies just outside of our reach. ”
― Alyson Noel, Shadowland

This book is probably my favorite book out of the series so far. It gives a lot more information on how Ever got her powers and helps her find herself and I love that.

I love how you find more information about Damen even though he’s not in this book as much as I would like, I understand why and I’m okay with him not being there so much so Ever can figure herself out.

Damen loves Ever and there is no denying that and that’s probably why I like this book so much. You can still see that Damen loves her more and more each book.

I really enjoyed the book because the previous book of the series left a cliffhanger wanting me to read more.

Everything in this book had me on edge the whole time from the action, Ever and Damen love life, and now Ever’s feelings for someone else!

A new character came into the picture and I love Damen, but I really liked this male character also, Jude.  BUTTTTTT DAMEN IS STILL MY FAVORITE! #TeamDamen

I couldn’t believe all the hard times Ever and Damen were having. Ever and Damen couldn’t be together most of the book and you’ll see why and when I found out it slightly broke my heart. And what happens in the ending of this book made me love the series even more, if that was even possible.

Jude is a character that isn’t exactly like Damen, but he’s a good guy and Ever seems to be falling for him as well.

It is a great book and I wouldn’t change anything about it.